Sync your Smart Closet app?

Recently we have received a lot of feedback from our Smart Closet community. Many of our users are very concerned about Sync their closet across devices. Our team is taking this request very seriously and are working hard to improve it. Now we would like to invite you to be part of developing sync feature.... Continue Reading →

How to Add your Look to Calendar?

Calendar in Smart Closet is a popular feature that could make your life much easier. No matter when you are going for a vacation or heading for a business trip, or just staying at home, Calendar will make your everyday outfit well planned by just a simple click! Here are some steps to add clothing... Continue Reading →

How to create collage look with photos?

(Cover Image credits to Smart Closet user Valerifashion @valeri) Do you know how to create a collage post with your album photos inserted at Smart Closet app? Now our iOS version is making it possible. Follow the steps below and you could create magic posts! Step 1: Upload your photo to Closet or Lookbook:  ... Continue Reading →

How to Back up your Closet Data on IOS

Open SmartCloset iOS app and press "More" tab Click "Backup" in menu list Purchase Pro version to get the auto-sync support You can choose from 1) monthly subscription 2) one purchase for all time After purchased, click "Backup & Sync Now" to force backup all your data at any time All your new data will... Continue Reading →

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