How to Add your Look to Calendar?

Calendar in Smart Closet is a popular feature that could make your life much easier. No matter when you are going for a vacation or heading for a business trip, or just staying at home, Calendar will make your everyday outfit well planned by just a simple click!

Here are some steps to add clothing or look to Calendar at Smart Closet:

Step 1: Go to ‘More’ at the bottom bar and click ‘Calendar’ to open Calendar.


Step 2: Choose the date you want to plan. Let’s say, October 11. You could add clothing from your local closet to Calendar. You could also add look from local Lookbook to Calendar. Press the ‘+’ icon.


Step 3:  Adding look to Calendar

Click the look you want to wear and the look will be added to Calendar



Step 4: Adding clothing from local closet to Calendar

Click the clothing you want to plan, and it will show immediately in the Calendar.



Step 5: How to delete existing looks or clothing from Calendar?

Just long press the look or clothing in the bottom canvas, then a warning message will pop out asking you ‘Do you want to delete the look from Calendar?’ Choose ‘Delete’ to remove the look.


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