5 Ways to Wear A Blazer

Blazer is one of the hottest fashion items in 2018. No matter when you are attending a meeting, or dating with someone on a Friday night, you will never go wrong with wearing a blazer. This year I especially love the oversized one, which looks like the piece taken from my boyfriend’s closet.

Recently we held a contest with topic ‘Blazer’ in Smart Closet app and here are 5 ways how our Smart Closet Community is wearing a blazer. All the looks come from #blazer #contest and thank y’all for joining this competition!

1, Wear a blazer with ripped jean, a silk cami top or a white Tee


Smart Closet user: Ana Rey @AnnaRey21 


Smart Closet user: Crybabyjala @hoexxx

2, Wear the blazer with all Black or all White inside


Smart Closet user: Sunflower @Sunflower22


Smart Closet user: NilekNofficial @nilekNofficial

3, Go Monochrome



Smart Closet user: Vogue @amelie

4, Vintage Vibes


Smart Closet user: Manne @2305


Smart Closet user: My Closet @TheGirlOverThere


Smart Closet user: Covercutiesstyle @covercutiesstyle

5, Turn Blazer to A Dress wearing a belt


Smart Closet user: naternalucia @naternalucia


Smart Closet user: Ina @petrifico


Smart Closet user: Nicki @njsherry

Do you want your collage to be selected into our fashion edition? Join our regular contest and show us your fashion!

How to join the weekly contest? Check here: Tips to Win the Contest

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