Tips to Win the Contest!

Are you ready to join a competition against other fashion lovers? Are you excited to see what other bloggers will dress up with certain theme? If YES, join our weekly contest at Smart Closet app!

Every week, Smart Closet Official Account @smartclosetapp will hold a contest in our app. Topics will vary widely from popular items to seasonal trends. Anyone can join the competition by using certain hashtags required under the participating posts posted at Smart Closet app. (Remember to use ALL of the hashtags required by the contest!) Winner will be selected by our Fashion team and will be announced at the end of each contest.

It is also very easy to check collections from other participants by just clicking any of the hashtags required by contest. Remember to give your likes to the posts which inspired you!

Here are some tips for you to win the competition:

1, Find your own fashion style! Popular bloggers are usually recognized by their unique fashion style. Posts with creativity and originality will always grab other fashion lovers’ attention. If you want to be a successful fashion blogger and grow your account, it’s TIME to find your own style! (If your idea is inspired by other posts, remember to give credit to them 🙂

2, Choose popular items. Each season, there will be many trendy items. For this year, it could be a plaid blazer, chunky sneaker or oversized earrings. Use these hot items in your collection and your post will gain more likes!

3, Give detailed descriptions about your post. People would not only like the collage, but also like the reason why you made the collection. Give your reason why you choose it to enter the contest!

4, Invite your families and friends to use Smart Closet and join the competition! Another easy way to make your posts popular is to ask your family, friends or instagram followers to view and like your post in Smart Closet. Posts with many likes will attract more attention and likes easily.

Here are some previous contests:

We welcome new contest ideas! If you have something in mind and want to turn it to a contest, feel free to send us email at or use #futurecontest under your post to let us know your idea!

The next winner could be you!

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