Exploring New Feature: What is Fast Search?

New Smart Closet update (iOS Version 3.0.9) supports more powerful searching experience. In the latest update, you could search an item by its category, brand, store name or try our new function ‘Fast’ search! You must be wondering what is ‘Fast’ search? How to use it?

This article will explore this new feature.

There are always some brands, categories or keywords that appear much more frequently than others in your search. Some are easy to search but some will take time. It takes time to locate it every time when you are searching the same category or brands. To save your time, we’ve developed the ‘Fast’ Search feature that your regular search will be stored in ‘Fast’ Entrances and can be retrieved much faster. You could save some specific brand, category, store or even keywords to ‘Fast’ Entrance and search it directly from there!

Let’s look at some examples:

1)Adding specific category to ‘Fast’ Entrance:

For example, adding Bootcut Jeans to ‘Fast’ Entrance:



IMG_5078                      20180925_092943


2)Adding specific brand to ‘Fast’ Entrances:

For example: adding Madewell to ‘Fast’ Entrance

IMG_5079                      IMG_5080

IMG_5081        20180925_093015

3)Adding specific store to ‘Fast’ Search:

For example, adding Neiman Marcus to ‘Fast’ Entrance:

IMG_5082         IMG_5083

IMG_5084       20180925_092841

Now ‘Bootcut Jeans’, ‘Madewell’ and ‘Neiman Marcus’ have all been added to ‘Fast’ Entrance, next time, you can directly go to ‘Fast’ Entrance to find them as follows:


when creating collage, you could also use ‘Fast Search’ to help you easily locate your mostly searched item:

IMG_5075    IMG_5074

How do you like the new feature? Share with us your thoughts and we will appreciate it so much!

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