Exploring New Feature: You can now save posts for later viewing in the app

Dear Smart Closet Community, what would you do if you see an outfit idea posted by other bloggers and know that you would definitely want to revisit it someday in the future? Take a screenshot? Keep the blogger and the post in mind and revisit them? Is there an easier way to do it?

Now our New Version of iOS app (Version 3.0.9) is making it much easier to mark posts you know you will definitely want to revisit with a new feature that allows you to privately save posts for later viewing.  Just simply click the saving icon in the lower right corner of each posts when you’re browsing the Following and Discover Feed and it will help you collect all the great outfit ideas to your own closet!

saved post1

Where to check the saved post?

It is also pretty convenient to check the posts you’ve saved. Open Smart Closet app, go to Tab ‘More’, then you would see ‘Saved Post’ under your profile. Click the ‘Saved Post’ folder and you would see all the posts you’ve saved for later viewing. This will help you fast get back to the post which has inspired you previously and provide better idea for your daily look.

saved post2

saved post



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