How to Create Your Look Book in Smart Closet IOS App

* Step 1

Press  ” + ” Icon on the upper right corner of the “Lookbook” screen to add your new look:


There’re multiple ways to add one look:

  1. Create Collage Look
    • Combine your items together like the collage photo in Fashion Magazine.
  2. Create Random Look
    • You have 5 tops and 3 jeans, then how many look can you have? 15!!!
    • Just create a random rule “Tops + Jeans”, then we will generate all possible looks based on your Closet.
  3. Choose from Album or Take a Photo
    • Take a photo of your outfit of the day and add to your lookbook.
    • You can tag the using cloth item from your photo easily, which is really helpful if you want to know which item is your best purchase.
  4. Choose Multiple from Album
    • You already toke many outfit photos? Just add them all in one time!

* Step 2

Create Collage Look

create_collage_look.gif        creating collage look

  1. Select item from bottom closet area to add it to look.
  2. Press lower-right icon of item to rotate/resize item; There are 3 buttons on top to edit the item: Remove, Flip and Clone. Click Remove button to remove item. Click Flip button to flip the item, which is especially useful when editing shoes. Click Clone button to make a copy of an item.
  3. Use one finger to move item; Press on item image to drag it onto top of other items.
  4. Press “REFINE” button to filter items; Press other area of the middle bar to expand/narrow the closet area.

* Step 3

Upload an outfit photo and tag the using items. You can also select item from Shop & Favorite List directly.


* Step 4

Create Random Rule and generate random look automatically


* Step 5

Edit look’s information, such as occasion, season & note.



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